Information regarding Brexit and its potential impact on the funeral vehicle industry

In March 2019 the United Kingdom will leave the European Union in a move which has been met with apprehension from a number of businesses in the country. The negotiations have been ongoing for two years and it now appears, after the cabinet meeting at Chequers, that the government seek to establish an inclusive trade agreement for goods moving between the UK and EU. This has caused controversy within the government from some members and it is unclear whether an agreement can be reached or not.

In the event of a successful deal, it is expected that there will be no changes to the current system of importing motor vehicles, including hearses and limousines, to Ireland from the UK. Type approval standards would remain as is, and no new duty, tax or tariffs would be applicable.

In the event of a “no deal” Brexit, trade would be subject to WTO tariffs. This would mean an increase in the cost of vehicles, however it is widely expected to be offset by a substantially weakened Pound Sterling. While this would be a less than ideal scenario for us, some effective planning means that we can continue to build quality vehicles for the foreseeable future, whatever Brexit may mean.

All of our work is done “in-house” with none of the coachbuilding process sub-contracted to other businesses. This allows us to be independent of the potential struggles of companies involved in the industry. Be it chassis extension, electronics, paintwork or the making of GRP products, our skilled technicians build your vehicle from start to finish.

We keep a stock of parts and supplies so that we are able to cope with delays without affecting our output. In the event of a “No-deal Brexit” we have prepared for a potential increase in administrative work by taking on more staff and becoming familiar with the import/export processes for non-EU countries and the EU. We will also ensure that our vehicles continue to be tested and type-approved to EU standards post-Brexit regardless of the outcome of negotiations.

As the deadline moves closer we will all be a lot clearer as to what post-Brexit will be like for the industry. And we will endeavour to keep everyone informed between now and then.

E Class Hearse

E Class Hearse unveiled at The Funeral Times Trade Show.

Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines proudly unveiled our new E Class Hearse at the Dublin Funeral Times Trade Show in Citywest Hotel. Based on the new Mercedes W213, this stunning vehicle wowed funeral directors for its two days at the Irish exhibition. The eagerly anticipated release was met with a huge amount of intrigue from the funeral industry and the finished product did not disappoint.

The New E Class Hearse – Style and Beauty

From its sleek bodylines to its breath-taking ivory interior, the new E Class took the show by storm, with hundreds of funeral directors taking the time to view the hearse in detail. Impressed by the style and build quality, we had a number of undertakers place orders on the spot for what one man described as “the most beautiful hearse on the market”.


The base vehicle is fantastic in its own right. With self-levelling suspension, rear reversing camera, total ambience control and superb interior, it was already a popular choice as a luxury car. Add that to our LED interior deck lights, grille strobe lighting and deluxe roof rails (fitted as standard to our E Class 5 Door), its little wonder that funeral directors from throughout Ireland were queueing up to have a look.

A big thank you to everyone who visited the Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines stand at the Funeral Times Trade Show Dublin and we are excited for more new models we have planned for release in the new year.

Watch this space!

Funeral Times Trade Show Dublin

The Third Funeral Times Trade Show

Citywest Hotel Dublin saw the third Funeral Times Trade Show in October. The Irish exhibition was a huge success for both exhibitors and funeral directors alike. People came from all over Ireland and the UK to view the great range of products and services on offer. From hearses and limousines, gravestones, coffins, lifting equipment to funeral supplies; undertakers had a massive range to choose from and there was a lot of interest on all stands over both days.

From a vehicle perspective, there were stands from ourselves, Byrne, Coleman Milne, Duffy and Prestige Conversions. Prestige Conversions are a company in England which specialise in bespoke Rolls Royce hearses and they had a successful show raising their profile in Ireland. Its always great to see new faces in the industry and hopefully they continue to grow with their positive feedback.

Fearghas Quinn stand at The Funeral Times Trade Show 2017

CPL Funeral Supplies showcased their growing selection of funeral supplies and stainless steel products. CPL had on display the Rise and fall lectern which was released at the NFE in June, and was showcased to Ireland for the first time on Tuesday.

CPL display the “Rise and fall lecturn”

There was an abundance of guest speakers at seminars presented on topics such as

embalming practices – civic ceremoniesinfectious diseaseoccupational health and a hugely interesting seminar on the history of technology in the funeral industry. The funeral directors who attended were unanimous in their praise of very informative talks and all seemed eager to speak about the knowledge they gained.

It definitely seemed that a great time was had by all, and this was magnified by the facilities. Citywest Hotel had some great food (and drink!) and everyone who stayed agreed that they further cemented their place as a premier venue for events and conferences in Ireland. Discounted rounds of golf were available for guests and the staff were very professional in making everyone feel as welcome as possible.

A big thanks to Ruth, Vikki, Paula, Graeme, Richard and everyone at Funeral Times for organising and presenting another fantastic exhibition, and here’s to many more in the coming years. Click here for The Funeral Times Trade Show Ireland.

Funeral Times Trade Show – 2017

Funeral Times Trade Show

On 3rd October 2017 the third biennial Funeral Times Trade Show will take place at Citywest Hotel and Conference Centre, County Dublin. This year promises to be an even bigger success than 2015 and 2013 with exhibitors ranging from

– coffin builders
– repatriation services
– lifting equipment
– wreaths
– hearses and limousines

Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines will be exhibiting vehicles hand-built in our County Antrim premises and you will have a chance to grill us on our design and coachbuilding process, as well as looking at some photos and videos from inside the factory.

A focus on design
We always intend to base our 3 and 5 door hearses around the design of the base vehicle. Whether it is a Mercedes, Opel or Ford, you can be rest assured that the aerodynamics and body shapes which make these cars look so great, are reflected and amplified in our hearses. Each vehicle has their unique flavour and signature, and you can see for yourself how they “flow” from front to back.


Built for Funeral Directors
Here in Portglenone we take a practical approach to building a hearse made specifically for the funeral industry’s needs. We strive to innovate and improve in ways which benefit the funeral director. Our vehicles are simple, practical and stylish. A mix of contemporary design and tradition means that you are getting the very best value for your money with Fearghas Quinn.


20 years of progress
From Granada, to Scorpio to Mondeo. Omega, to Vectra to Insignia. 124, 210, 211, 212 and beyond, we have always followed car manufacturers in the pursuit of better. Better storage options. Better lighting. Better finish, inside and out. Each vehicle we build, we aim for it to be the best we’ve ever done. With constant tweaking and progressing there is always a sense of evolution rather than revolution. “We can do that better” is a common saying here in our Co. Antrim base and we always strive to live up to that, for the benefit of the undertaker.


And on 03rd October 2017, we will all get to see this year’s result from the endless pursuit of more. A vehicle we have kept under wraps for some time will be unveiled at the Funeral Times Trade Show. A culmination of our efforts in design, practicality and coachbuilding experience.

Join us there and see for yourself. It’s always so much better than the pictures.

Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines | April-June 2017 update

A busy year continues here at Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines in County Antrim with a number of Mercedes-Based E Class hearses and limousines being delivered. Along with some lovely looking Insignias and Mondeos, we’re continually progressing and pleasing customers throughout the UK and Ireland.


171 E Class hearse

Shevlin’s of Dundalk, Co. Louth collected their 171 E Class hearse in May. This hearse looked spectacular in the sunshine with its swirl-free, full gloss black finish.

Shevlin’s of Dundalk, Co Louth


3 door E Class Hearse

Seamus Burke of Burkes Funeral Home, Mountrath, Co. Laois, took the keys to his newly built 3 door E Class Hearse. A stylish vehicle which was prepared for collection with help from our friends at Total Perfection

Burkes Funeral Home, Mountrath, Co. Laois


E Class limousine

Frank Barrett of Pepperdine Barrett, Manchester collected another E Class limousine to add to their fleet in the North West of England.


3 door Insignia hearse

Phil O’Reilly of Tullamore, Co. Offaly picked up his 3 door Insignia hearse from our Portglenone factory. This model is proving very popular in Ireland right now with several more booked in for completion in the coming weeks and months.

Phil O’Reilly of Tullamore, Co. Offaly


3 door E Class hearse

A delighted Dermot Coady of Coady’s funeral home, Castlebar collected his sleek 3 door E Class hearse in June. This vehicle included slim-line Classic deck fittings, alloy wheels and classic roof rails.

Coady’s Funeral Home, Castlebar


A big thank you to all the funeral directors who have chosen us to build their hearses and limousines, and who continue to do so. We have seen our business grow, providing vehicles all over the UK and Ireland while being able to invest in the local area by creating jobs and working with other local businesses. We’re looking forward to the coming months with some exciting content coming up on this blog, as well as some news to stay tuned for later this year. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the hashtag #FQHLreveal…

National Funeral Exhibition 2017

Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines visited Stoneleigh Park, Birmingham to see the National Funeral Exhibition 2017, the biggest funeral trade show in the UK. People came from throughout the UK and Ireland to see exhibits from a plethora of businesses within the industry, and coupled with some unique entertainment, it made for an incredibly interesting show.

FSJ – Funeral Service Journal


On one side there were a number of quality hearses and limousines on display with vehicles from Wilcox, Duffy, Coleman Milne and Superior UK, as well as an interesting new concept from Brahms Electric Vehicles.


Brahms Electric Vehicles


From a coffin perspective, there were some fantastic examples of workmanship with Somerset Willow providing an eco-friendly option, and Batesville offering a unique polished bronze casket, similar to that used to bury Michael Jackson.



The Dodge Company showed us some great work on facial reconstruction, demonstrating a number of products and the high level of artistic skill of their staff. Odlings Memorials demonstrated their skill as well as some stunning examples of memorials and monuments.


Dodge Company UK


Odlings Memorials


The Plume UK also gave a unique solution for funeral directors wanting to distinguish vehicles in the procession.


Odlings Memorials


The day was broken up at various intervals with some talented musical interludes as well as great food on display.
Some other notable exhibits included the largest coffin in the world, which was set up as a bar on stand, and a Reliant Robin hearse, both of which got plenty of attention.

All in all, it was a great day out at the National Funeral Exhibition Birmingham, and all the exhibitors seemed to be very busy from start to finish, ensuring a productive day for everyone.

Adam H Erwin – Maintaining Your Vehicle

Servicing and the importance of maintaining your vehicle!

Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousine realise the importance of servicing and maintaining your vehicle. Adam H Erwin Ballymena Antrim in the second instalment of how to care for your hearse or limousine, have put together some information for us here to help give us some advice in this department. As we say… Over to you Adam H Erwin…

Services are crucial to the safety
Modern cars can be extremely complicated and people who are not trained mechanics cannot possibly be expected to know everything there is to know about the inner workings of their vehicle. Trying to service your own car could result in you causing damage to your engine, which could be extremely dangerous or considerably expensive to fix. Services are crucial to the safety of your vehicle and the people inside it. They will pick up on problems before things start to go wrong. It could be incredibly dangerous if you ended up with a vital part of your engine breaking while you are driving at 70 mph on the motorway. Services allow you to find out which parts of your car are wearing out before they do break in the safe environment of the workshop.

My car has just been to MOT so it doesn’t need a service!!!
The first most important thing to bear in mind when you are thinking about taking your car in for a service is that it is not the same as an MOT. Just because you have recently taken your car in to have its MOT test does not mean that you no longer need to take it in for a service.
The MOT simply tests that your car is safe enough to be driven on the road. It will not flag up any potential problems and will not let you know if there are parts of your car which will need to be replaced soon. MOTs only tend to flag up the problem when it already needs to be fixed. Services can help spot problems before they arise, which will give you time to think about how best to approach and finance the issue. Although servicing your car will cost money, it could actually end up saving you money in the long run. Un-serviced cars tend to have a much higher fuel consumption rate, as they are not running at their most efficient. Even seemingly minor issues, like needing an oil change, can actually have a big impact on the amount of petrol that it takes to run your car. Services will pick up on these details and will rectify them, making the whole car much more efficient and hopefully saving you a lot of money in unnecessary fuel. Services are seen as unnecessary by some, as checking tyre pressure and levels of engine oil and screen wash are things which most people can do at home, without having to shell out lots of money to hire a mechanic to do it for them. Whilst this is true, there are also many parts of a car service which cannot be carried out at home and which require the skills, expertise and tools which a mechanic has to offer.

Why use an independent Garage to service my vehicle.
Many people ask this question. Does buying a new car mean I can only go to the dealer to have my vehicle serviced to maintain my warranty? The short answer is no!
You can save time and money by going to an independent garage to have your car service carried out without fear of voiding your new car warranty. European regulations that govern after-sales servicing of new vehicles was changed in October of 2003. You are no longer obligated to return to a franchise dealer during the warranty period for your servicing.
However, you must stick to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule of servicing and use their approved parts. You also need to keep records that prove you have stayed within their requirements for warranty.
Independent garages that work in a network can offer substantial discounts off the cost of your car service. They also offer great parts and labour guarantees

Adam H Erwin

1 Stop Shop, Established 1954




Sales Dept:
We are a quality used car dealer with a wide range of cars to suit all budgets. We put customer care at the centre of everything we do, endeavouring to provide an excellent service at all times. Our standards have built our reputation and we are proud that our customers recommend us, trust us and come back to us when they want another car. We are passionate about delivering a high quality service and building trust with our customers. The cars we offer are excellent value for money and prepared to a very high standard. Our General Manager Philip Glennie oversees day to day running of the business but also controls our vehicle sales dept and vehicle sourcing. So if we don’t have what you are looking for just give him a call with your requirements and he will do is best the vehicle that you are searching for within budget.
Our knowledge in the Ford brand means we now specialize in Ford but have increased our used car stock in all brands to cater for everyone’s wants and needs. In our years of trading we have built up a vast number of contacts throughout the industry and are connected with many of the major fleet companies who supply us with very clean well maintained vehicles

Service Dept:
As most people know we gave up the Ford Franchise in March 2008, but nothing has changed we still are running our busy workshop with our trained technicians. We believe we are competitive with our pricing giving you a full dealership service with small garage pricing if you require a service or mechanical repair on any type of vehicle we are here to help. Joe Small our Service Manager will be here to help or answer any queries you may have.

Parts Dept:
Adam H Erwin are affiliated with the Ford Blue Oval Club, and can supply service, mechanical or accessory parts to you over the counter. Most parts are available the same day, however if we are not carrying it in stock, it can be generally ordered for the following day getting you back on the road quickly again. Joe Small is the man to talk to if you have any queries.

Accounts Dept:
Invoicing and general accounts is looked after by Beverly Killough
This is why we believe that a privately owned family garage such as Adam H Erwin can offer great value for money and a fantastic customer service,

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Total Perfection Detailing Specialists

It pays to look after your vehicle

In the first instalment of our new blog series we tackle one of the most important things for any hearse or limousine owner- maintenance. Specifically; paint maintenance. It pays to look after your vehicle, for both everyday funerals and for resale, and whether it’s a Mercedes, Vauxhall or a Ford, a well-kept hearse shows a professional front for your business.
That’s why Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousine have invited Mark Smiley, of Total Perfection Valeting and Detailing specialists, to write this guide. Mark is a world-renowned expert in the detailing field with certification from Rupes and vast experience with TV supercars, professional fleets and funeral vehicles to name but a few. And we can think of no-one better to advise the industry on maintaining our hearses and limousines. Over to you Total Perfection…..

How to Maintain Car Bodywork by Total Perfection Detailing Specialists

To maintain the bodywork of your car, you must perform a multitude of routine tasks, such as washing and waxing your car to prevent rusting and repairing marks and scratches that mar your car’s surface. Depending on where you live, certain elements, such as salt from the ocean or salt on the road for melting snow, can cause the body of your car to rust at a faster rate. By performing tasks such as these, you can continue to keep the bodywork of your car in optimal condition for years to come

The Following steps from Total Perfection will help:

Step 1 – 
Wash your car on a regular basis at least twice per month. Washing your car will remove salt, dirt, and other debris from the surface of your car; all of which can cause permanent stains, rusting, and corrosion if not removed.
• Wash the areas underneath your car to remove excess dirt and salt; especially during cold months when salt has been placed on roads to melt snow. If salt is left on your car, it will cause those sections to corrode.
• To wash the sections underneath your car, use a pressure-washing hose at a coin-operated car wash, or drive through an automatic car wash that will shoot jets of water under your car.
• Wash or spray the insides of your car’s wheel arches and underneath the bumper area to remove any dirt or salt hidden from view.

Step 2 – 
Use water to remove bird droppings from the surface of your car. Bird droppings contain abrasive and acidic properties that may permanently stain your car if they are not removed immediately.

Step 3 –
Wax your car once every 3 or 4 months. Waxing will help protect the paint on your car and prevent corrosion by blocking water that may seep into scratches and chips on your car’s surface.
• Purchase a non-abrasive car wax from an automotive store and apply it to your car’s surface using a large soft sponge or a soft cloth.
• Apply the wax only to the painted sections of your car. If you apply wax to the rubber or plastic parts of your car, it may cause those parts to stain permanently.
• If you accidentally apply wax to the rubber or plastic parts of your car, remove it immediately using a commercial glass cleaning product.
• Buff the car with a clean, soft cloth until all the wax has been removed from the surface of your car.

Step 4 – 
Apply a rustproofing agent to your car. Rustproofing your car is ideal if you live in a humid climate or if your car comes into contact with salt in the air or on the roads. A rustproofing product will add extra protection to the bodywork of your car and help prevent corrosion.
• Purchase a commercial rustproofing agent from any automotive repair store and apply it to your car following the directions provided by the product’s manufacturer.

Step 5 –
Apply paint to small chips and deep scratches on your car. This will prevent the affected areas of your bodywork from corroding.
• Obtain touch-up paint from your car’s manufacturer or dealer in the exact color of your car. If you are unsure of your car’s color, ask your dealer to tell you where to locate the color code on your car.
• Squeeze a small amount of paint into the cap of the tube, then dip the point of a wooden toothpick into the paint.
• Use the toothpick to slowly apply the paint to the chipped or scratched area of your car.
• Refer to the directions of your touch-up paint to determine how long the paint needs to dry before you apply the clear coating. The clear coat is usually located at the other end of the touch-up paint tube.

Step 6 – 
Polish areas of your car that contain minor, shallow scratches. This procedure will cover and hide any small scratches on your car’s surface.
• Purchase a commercial car polishing product from an automotive retail store.
• Apply a small amount of polish to the applicator included with the product and gently rub the affected area. You may want to test a small area first, just to familiarize yourself with the abrasiveness of the polish.
• Check the scratched area to see if the scratch is still visible. If so, continue to gently polish until the scratch is no longer clearly visible.
• Wash the affected areas with soap and water to remove the polish after the scratches have been repaired.
• Apply car wax to the areas you have treated with polish to buff and shine the surface areas.

Step 7 – 
Thank you for reading this article by Total Perfection detailing specialists.
You can visit our website for more information and advice
Mark Smiley

Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines | Jan-Mar 2017 update

The first three months of 2017 have been extremely productive here at Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines. Our County Antrim factory hasn’t cooled since the Christmas break and here are a few notable vehicles from the past 3 months.

 5 door Buick hearse

Fitzgerald’s of Rush, County Dublin and Condons of Clonmel, Tipperary each collected a new 5-door Buick Hearse. These vehicles have been proving very popular in Ireland as many funeral directors see the Buick kit as an extra which lifts their vehicle from the standard Opel or Vauxhall hearse into something a little different and eye-catching.

Padraig Ward of Wards Funeral Director


Mercedes-based E-Class hearse

Pepperdine Barrett of Manchester and Ward’s Funeral Directors of County Monaghan each took the keys to newly built Mercedes-based E-Class hearses. Both of these vehicles were finished to our usual high standards and included a number of extras, including our classic deck, strobe lights and deluxe roof rails.

Frank and John Barrett of Pepperdine Barrett


Insignia 3 Door hearse

Pat Keller of Keller’s Funeral Home, Nenagh received his newly built Insignia 3 Door Hearse. These vehicles are incredibly popular this year with a large number of orders from funeral directors jumping at the fantastic value for money compared to other new 3 door hearses.

Pat Keller of Kellers Nenagh


3 door E-Class hearse

Hudsons Funeral Directors, County Wicklow collected a spectacular 3 door E-Class hearse from our County Antrim base. An eye-catching mix between classic and contemporary styles, this vehicle will be one to look out for.

Christopher and Helena of Hudsons Funeral Director


E-Class 5 door hearse

And most recently, Brian McElroy Funeral Directors of Dublin collected two E-Class 5 door hearses furnished with custom chrome plates and interior lights, alloy wheels, strobe lights and classic deck fittings. This has led to two stunningly unique vehicles, perfect for McElroy’s fleet.

Brian and Eric of McElroys, Dublin


Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines look forward to 2017

With an unprecedented number of orders coming in from both Ireland and the UK, we’ve increased our workforce and expanded our factory in Northern Ireland to meet demand. Our continuing investment in people, infrastructure and new technologies looks to be leading to a busy 2017 and with orders already for 2018, we at Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines hope to have many more happy funeral directors over the coming months and years.