The Big Questions

If you’ve started the process of doing research into replacing some of your existing funeral vehicles then you’ve already been asking the big questions:

How much does a new hearse cost?
What companies make hearses?
• What kind of equipment or features can I get on my hearse or limousine?
• What kind of aftercare and support should I expect from my vehicle, especially from Northern Ireland?

Once you get to the stage of deciding on who, what and how much you want…what’s next?

Lead Times

Any manufacturer will have a general lead time for coachbuilding your new funeral vehicle(s). It can range between 3 months and 18 months, depending on who they are and how busy they might be. This will be between, sourcing a base vehicle for conversion, the waiting list to get a slot for manufacturing, the time spent actually building your vehicle, and the post-build registration process. It’s important to make sure these timings are accurate, so that you can properly plan what is quite a big investment. The last thing you would want is to have finances teed up for a certain date (or even worse, a buyer for your current vehicle), only to be left waiting weeks and months beyond that due to poor time management from the manufacturer.

Stage payments

At Quinn Hearse and Limousine, we work with you in that regard. After an initial small booking fee, payments are made in stages. One when your vehicle arrives with us, one when it is at the halfway point in production, and the final payment when the vehicle is finished. With payments being linked to the progress at each step, it means that you can rest assured that your vehicle is on track, as well as being able to pay for them in easier installments.

Getting started

Now that you’ve settled on your choice, it’s time to put pen to paper, confirm with a booking fee and eagerly await the arrival of the new Mercedes E Class, Insignia or whatever you have chosen. Once the vehicle has arrived with the manufacturer, and you get the first photos before entering the factory, it’s time to get properly excited for your new hearse or limousine.