So, you are ready to upgrade your fleet. It’s a substantial investment in your business. Where do you even begin? Do you need a new hearse? A new limousine? Both? Do you need to go down the route of a Mercedes hearse, or Vauxhall, Ford, Jaguar, or Volvo? Do you contact your usual suspects, or do you cast your net further afield? We hope to answer some of these questions and more with a quick guide into buying your new funeral vehicles.

Searching Online

Often nowadays the first step people take in buying anything is to open up Google.

“hearses for sale”

might bring up listings of used hearses for sale on ebay, donedeal, gumtree or even facebook. It might be what you’re after, or it might not…So, you try

“new hearses for sale uk”

…and now we start to get somewhere. You can now peruse the newest offerings of the main coachbuilders like Coleman Milne, Wilcox Limousines, Duffy Coachbodies and of course ourselves at Quinn Hearse and Limousine. Each one of course specialises in something different. All 4 options now have a range of Mercedes hearses and limousines based on the E Class. You also have the Ford offering from Coleman Milne, the Jaguar XF Hearse and Limo’s for sale from Wilcox and the Vauxhall based range from Quinn’s. There are 3 door versions and 5 door versions, with all the extras considered as well. It’s still a myriad of information to sift through.

Looking for something different

Often now the comfortable idea is to make a call to your previous supplier. However sometimes you can be hesitant in doing so. You might not be ready for the sales pitch if you’re just in the information gathering stage, you want to get the best value for your money after all. And you wouldn’t want to be roped into something you’re not ready to commit to either. Maybe you ask a funeral director friend who has just upgraded their fleet and asked their opinion. And maybe you’re looking for something different.

Time to sit down and really specify what you want

  • 3 or 5 door?
  • Hearse and limousine, just one, or more than that?
  • What features do I need from my hearse or limousine? []
  • Do I want something more traditional, or more continental in style?
  • And finally, what do the finances look like? What kind of a return do I need from this investment?

Good to compare quotes

Once you have some kind of answer to these questions, it’s time to make the calls. It’s always good to compare quotes from a variety of companies who can meet your specification.

  • Can they provide the aftercare and support that you need as well?
  • Do they come with good reviews and recommendations?
  • Are you getting the absolute best for your money that you can?

For our part we endeavour to provide as much information right here

For anything else, we’re just a phone call or an email away.