When you’ve made the decision to invest in your business and buy a new hearse or limousine (possibly after reading this https://www.fearghasquinn.com/buying-your-new-hearse ) the next big question is “how much should I spend?”. In any transaction it’s the most important question, but especially with the range of possibilities and the potential sums involved for a funeral fleet. A single used hearse can cost £10k and a new Mercedes fleet can cost upwards of £500k. Where do you even begin?

Your business

Your business is the place to start asking fundamental questions. How many funerals do you do in an average year? And how much will you charge for use of vehicles? If your business does 100 funerals a year, and you’re happy charging £200 each time for use of each vehicle then you’re halfway to answering your question. How long do you intend running your new vehicle for? Work out your maximum investment and then take your current hearse or limousine into consideration.

Your current fleet

“How much is my current vehicle worth?” You can always get more in a private sale than a trade in with a little effort. Be sure to do your research. In Ireland, Donedeal.ie has a thriving used hearse market. In the UK, you have places like ebay, but also facebook groups like Used Funeral Equipment Buy Sell Swap [https://www.facebook.com/groups/1638732103058051] are an active market where people are always buying and selling. Companies like Crowndeed, Classic Car Direct, Zenith Classics and Prime Limousines also specialise in used hearses and limousines. You can also browse used vehicle lists on Wilcox, Coleman-Milne, Duffy and Superior’s websites. A little homework can go a long way when you eventually go to negotiate with either a manufacturer or seller, to show whether you wish to trade in your current vehicle, or if you can get a better deal yourself.

Cost to change

When it comes to changing your vehicles, there is one big question. How much will it cost me out of pocket to upgrade? Sometimes sellers will offer a great price for a part-exchange, but bump up the overall cost to make up the difference for themselves. It’s important to be as objective as possible when comparing quotes. A good idea is to ask for a quote for a straight cash deal, and then ask for a part exchange valuation afterwards. Just to make sure you get a full understanding as to what you are actually out of pocket.


At Quinn Hearse and Limousine, we are committed to finding you the best vehicle to suit the needs of your business. We always go by your lead. Rest assured that we won’t try the hard sell to push you into a deal or a vehicle that you’re uncomfortable with. By dealing with us, you’re dealing with a family owned and ran business. You’re dealing directly with the manufacturer, cutting out middle men and expensive sales teams. We know what it’s like to run an independent family business and we aim to work with you to find a solution for your needs that sends everyone home happy.

No-obligation quote

Cut out the middle man today. For a no-obligation quote from Fearghas or Patrick call Quinn Hearse and Limousine 028 2582 2525