2020 to date has been one of the most challenging years on record and we will forever be in awe of the incredible work and fortitude shown by workers across the NHS, funeral directors and many of those in service and manufacturing sectors.

The funeral business, like many sectors has experienced many challenges and has to show its resilience during these challenging times. As we now move forward and hopefully return to a sense of normality it is important to plan ahead.

Our new Hygiene Vehicle Partition

COVID-19 has changed our production working practices as well as accelerating our new product development and innovation. A great example of our innovation has been our new hygiene vehicle partitions which can now be fitted in new and existing vehicles. We have had to invest in new machinery and tooling to ensure that manufacturing can continue despite disruption to our workforce.

One thing, however, that has not changed is Quinn Hearse and Limousine commitment to quality workmanship and the provision of quality vehicles to the funeral sector.