We have always received some great feedback from our many valued clients over the past 25 years, and we thought it would be a good idea to get a few of them all in the one place.

Brian McElroy Funeral Homes, Dublin

“We’ve recently gone through the process of upgrading our previous Mercedes fleet to the Quinn E Class range and would recommend them to anyone. We’ve been incredibly impressed with their professionalism, and how each vehicle has always been delivered on time and at the cost quoted.”

Brian McElroy, Brian McElroy Funeral Homes, Dublin

Brian got in contact with us in 2016 when he wanted to upgrade his fleet of Mercedes hearses and limousines. With multiple funeral homes in Dublin city, and a stellar reputation in each, he needed a fleet to reflect his business. Beginning with W212 E Class’s and moving on to W213, he has since replaced his older vehicles with all new Quinn E Class’s.

Brian McElroy and Eric McCormack

Pepperdine Barrett Family Funeral Directors, Manchester

“We decided to use Fearghas Quinn to supply our funeral fleet vehicles about 5 years ago now and are ready to embark on another phase of upgrades. The friendly service and aftercare is second to none. The best decision we ever made and long may the relationship continue.”

Frank Barrett, Pepperdine Barrett Family Funeral Directors, Manchester

A few years ago Frank began his ambitious plans to improve on his Vauxhall fleet by upgrading to Mercedes. We work with him and his family (his son John and daughter Kate are both active in the business) to ensure that each of his vehicles is looked after and with rolling upgrades, they stay up to date and fresh, with the latest technologies. As Frank’s business grows, we provide the support he needs to make sure that his fleet reaches his requirements.

Frank and John Barrett

Farquhar Macleod Funeral Directors of Skye, Scotland

“I’ve been a long-term customer of Fearghas, and Quinn’s have supplied me with the first 4×4 hearse in the UK which has been priceless for the harsh winters we see in Scotland. Would highly recommend”

Farquhar Macleod, Farquhar Macleod Funeral Directors of Skye, Scotland

Farquhar has been a client of Quinn’s for a number of years, and we have always been keen to supply him with a vehicle to suit his unique requirements. Farquhar knows exactly what role his hearses have in his business and it has always been a pleasure to work with him to ensure his vehicles do exactly what he needs.

Farquhar Macleod

John Hall and Sons Funeral Directors, Gloucester

“We have been buying vehicles from Fearghas for over 20 years and each one just gets better and better. He’s always available on the other end of the phone if anything unforeseen arises, and has even built a relationship up with our local mechanic for servicing.”

Chris Hall, John Hall and Sons Funeral Directors, Gloucester

Fearghas began dealing with the late John Hall over 2 decades ago and that relationship continues today with the next generations. The Halls have grown over the past 20 years, and their vehicles have reflected that, from a 3 door Scorpio hearse, to a Vauxhall Vectra, to Insignia and now they have added an E Class to their ranks. Throughout the process, Quinn’s have provided advice and support from the vehicle side, helping with both the technical and financial side to ensure that the Halls have a vehicle to match their stellar reputation in the South West of England.