Servicing and the importance of maintaining your vehicle!

Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousine realise the importance of servicing and maintaining your vehicle. Adam H Erwin Ballymena Antrim in the second instalment of how to care for your hearse or limousine, have put together some information for us here to help give us some advice in this department. As we say… Over to you Adam H Erwin…

Services are crucial to the safety
Modern cars can be extremely complicated and people who are not trained mechanics cannot possibly be expected to know everything there is to know about the inner workings of their vehicle. Trying to service your own car could result in you causing damage to your engine, which could be extremely dangerous or considerably expensive to fix. Services are crucial to the safety of your vehicle and the people inside it. They will pick up on problems before things start to go wrong. It could be incredibly dangerous if you ended up with a vital part of your engine breaking while you are driving at 70 mph on the motorway. Services allow you to find out which parts of your car are wearing out before they do break in the safe environment of the workshop.

My car has just been to MOT so it doesn’t need a service!!!
The first most important thing to bear in mind when you are thinking about taking your car in for a service is that it is not the same as an MOT. Just because you have recently taken your car in to have its MOT test does not mean that you no longer need to take it in for a service.
The MOT simply tests that your car is safe enough to be driven on the road. It will not flag up any potential problems and will not let you know if there are parts of your car which will need to be replaced soon. MOTs only tend to flag up the problem when it already needs to be fixed. Services can help spot problems before they arise, which will give you time to think about how best to approach and finance the issue. Although servicing your car will cost money, it could actually end up saving you money in the long run. Un-serviced cars tend to have a much higher fuel consumption rate, as they are not running at their most efficient. Even seemingly minor issues, like needing an oil change, can actually have a big impact on the amount of petrol that it takes to run your car. Services will pick up on these details and will rectify them, making the whole car much more efficient and hopefully saving you a lot of money in unnecessary fuel. Services are seen as unnecessary by some, as checking tyre pressure and levels of engine oil and screen wash are things which most people can do at home, without having to shell out lots of money to hire a mechanic to do it for them. Whilst this is true, there are also many parts of a car service which cannot be carried out at home and which require the skills, expertise and tools which a mechanic has to offer.

Why use an independent Garage to service my vehicle.
Many people ask this question. Does buying a new car mean I can only go to the dealer to have my vehicle serviced to maintain my warranty? The short answer is no!
You can save time and money by going to an independent garage to have your car service carried out without fear of voiding your new car warranty. European regulations that govern after-sales servicing of new vehicles was changed in October of 2003. You are no longer obligated to return to a franchise dealer during the warranty period for your servicing.
However, you must stick to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule of servicing and use their approved parts. You also need to keep records that prove you have stayed within their requirements for warranty.
Independent garages that work in a network can offer substantial discounts off the cost of your car service. They also offer great parts and labour guarantees

Adam H Erwin

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Sales Dept:
We are a quality used car dealer with a wide range of cars to suit all budgets. We put customer care at the centre of everything we do, endeavouring to provide an excellent service at all times. Our standards have built our reputation and we are proud that our customers recommend us, trust us and come back to us when they want another car. We are passionate about delivering a high quality service and building trust with our customers. The cars we offer are excellent value for money and prepared to a very high standard. Our General Manager Philip Glennie oversees day to day running of the business but also controls our vehicle sales dept and vehicle sourcing. So if we don’t have what you are looking for just give him a call with your requirements and he will do is best the vehicle that you are searching for within budget.
Our knowledge in the Ford brand means we now specialize in Ford but have increased our used car stock in all brands to cater for everyone’s wants and needs. In our years of trading we have built up a vast number of contacts throughout the industry and are connected with many of the major fleet companies who supply us with very clean well maintained vehicles

Service Dept:
As most people know we gave up the Ford Franchise in March 2008, but nothing has changed we still are running our busy workshop with our trained technicians. We believe we are competitive with our pricing giving you a full dealership service with small garage pricing if you require a service or mechanical repair on any type of vehicle we are here to help. Joe Small our Service Manager will be here to help or answer any queries you may have.

Parts Dept:
Adam H Erwin are affiliated with the Ford Blue Oval Club, and can supply service, mechanical or accessory parts to you over the counter. Most parts are available the same day, however if we are not carrying it in stock, it can be generally ordered for the following day getting you back on the road quickly again. Joe Small is the man to talk to if you have any queries.

Accounts Dept:
Invoicing and general accounts is looked after by Beverly Killough
This is why we believe that a privately owned family garage such as Adam H Erwin can offer great value for money and a fantastic customer service,

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