Warm wishes from all at Quinn’s

Very warm wishes to everyone during the holidays, from all at Quinn’s. As we come to the end of 2020, I don’t think it’s a year that anyone is going to forget in a hurry. Throughout the year we’ve been privileged to have worked with some incredible people, who each in their own way, have helped us all through.

Jan/February- Munster

We decided in the beginning of the year, that Fearghas and Paddy would travel with a 3 door E Class hearse [https://www.fearghasquinn.com/e-class] to Cork and south Kerry to meet with a few potential clients. This was to be the first trip of a number throughout the year, to let people see first hand the build quality of our vehicles. To let them take a test drive and see how, when we talk about our vehicles, we mean what we say, and that they live up to expectation. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we were delighted to come home with new orders too. It’s always great when people acknowledge the hard work everyone puts into each of these vehicles, especially from those we’re only meeting for the first time.

March/April – Lockdown

Had it been any other year, it would have been the first of many, however Munster turned out to be the only sales trip we would make during the year. At the beginning of March it became clear that we were unfortunately heading for some difficult times as a country, indeed globally, and on 25th March we shut down for 3 weeks. We took the time to do all the necessary things, like make sure that our factory was safe for staff to return, with social distancing, appropriate hand sanitising and PPE. It also allowed us a couple of weeks to step back, and look at areas where we could improve overall. We planned renovations, we reviewed our build processes and took time to make sure that we are building the best vehicles we possibly can. We’ll always be grateful for those on the front lines during this incredibly difficult period, especially funeral directors who were often overlooked. As our world was turned upside down, it gave great comfort to us to know that the grief of so many was being handled by some of the best anyone could ask for in the UK and Ireland.

May/June – Limousine Partitions

Eventually, as people and society began to develop a “new normal” and we began to see what safe practices looked like, there came a demand for limousine divisions or a hygiene screen. [https://www.fearghasquinn.com/the-road-ahead] Like others, we put extensive work into developing a retro-fit hygiene partition which could be made to fit any limousine. Enabling the loved ones of those deceased to follow traditional funeral customs and travel together to the ceremony became really important this year, and full credit goes not only to the staff here for their work in producing them, but to everyone who developed a hygiene screen for limousines. It was an incredible piece of quick innovation from an entire industry.

July/August – The new normal

As the summer continued it became somewhat clearer what a covid-19 world will look like. Masks became commonplace, people returned to work from shielding and it seemed like many people and businesses adapted admirably. It was around this time that we launched our new website and branding [https://www.fearghasquinn.com/welcome-to-our-new-website] as we looked at how our business could bring quality and affordable vehicles to more people throughout the British Isles.

September/October – Connections

Rolling through the Autumn we were featured in a number of articles and case studies. Scott Bader did a fantastic piece on our use of their quality products in our manufacturing of GRP panels. [https://www.scottbader.com/news/fearghas-quinn-hearse-limousine-manufacture-vehicles-using-scott-bader-resins-gelcoats-and-adhesives]. We were featured in a Funeral Times article along with Delapenha Funeral Home [https://www.delapenhafh.com] for our ongoing relationship spanning into its 3rd decade [https://www.fearghasquinn.com/making-an-island-connection]. The FSB also featured an interview with Fearghas on giving advice to help small businesses navigate the pandemic [https://firstvoice.fsb.org.uk/first-voice/regional-voice/fsb-northern-ireland-member-case-study-9-fearghas-quinn-quinn-hearse-limousine.html?fbclid=IwAR0U2PYbeldkpA9BbOt5jZeT9cEFHjUBnn5_Xrdgu0FPII0HiP7Rn66vw8I]. The message in this interview was very much something we take to heart. For everyone to get through the difficulties of this year, the relationships with those around you plays a hugely important part. We would like to thank all those who worked with us to help navigate a hugely difficult period in many ways.

November/December – Brexit

Stuck in the midst of what was an historically busy second half of the year was the fact that Brexit was (and is) looming. Thankfully for funeral directors, very little will change for buying your vehicles. Whether you are in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, whether you want to buy a new Insignia hearse or a used Mercedes Limousine, we will still supply with minimal fuss. With importing our raw materials from both GB and the EU we will have a number of challenges ahead, however thanks to some forward planning and strong relationships with suppliers we don’t envisage any delays to production. Thanks again to Mid and East Antrim Council for their incredible guidance for small businesses [https://www.fearghasquinn.com/business-support-from-mid-and-east-antrim-council] throughout one of the most challenging times for business in many of our lives.

2021 – Looking forward

Ending the year on a high, with a vaccine on the way for Covid-19 and finish in sight to the pandemic, we are all looking to 2021 with renewed optimism. As our business grows we are continually looking for new ways to innovate and progress. We have some exciting announcements ahead in 2021. Things that have never been done before and we can’t wait to share them with you. In fact, if you re-read closely, you may be able to find out what they are…