E Class Hearse

E Class Hearse unveiled at The Funeral Times Trade Show.

Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines proudly unveiled our new E Class Hearse at the Dublin Funeral Times Trade Show in Citywest Hotel. Based on the new Mercedes W213, this stunning vehicle wowed funeral directors for its two days at the Irish exhibition. The eagerly anticipated release was met with a huge amount of intrigue from the funeral industry and the finished product did not disappoint.

The New E Class Hearse – Style and Beauty

From its sleek bodylines to its breath-taking ivory interior, the new E Class took the show by storm, with hundreds of funeral directors taking the time to view the hearse in detail. Impressed by the style and build quality, we had a number of undertakers place orders on the spot for what one man described as “the most beautiful hearse on the market”.


The base vehicle is fantastic in its own right. With self-levelling suspension, rear reversing camera, total ambience control and superb interior, it was already a popular choice as a luxury car. Add that to our LED interior deck lights, grille strobe lighting and deluxe roof rails (fitted as standard to our E Class 5 Door), its little wonder that funeral directors from throughout Ireland were queueing up to have a look.

A big thank you to everyone who visited the Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines stand at the Funeral Times Trade Show Dublin and we are excited for more new models we have planned for release in the new year.

Watch this space!

Funeral Times Trade Show Dublin

The Third Funeral Times Trade Show

Citywest Hotel Dublin saw the third Funeral Times Trade Show in October. The Irish exhibition was a huge success for both exhibitors and funeral directors alike. People came from all over Ireland and the UK to view the great range of products and services on offer. From hearses and limousines, gravestones, coffins, lifting equipment to funeral supplies; undertakers had a massive range to choose from and there was a lot of interest on all stands over both days.

From a vehicle perspective, there were stands from ourselves, Byrne, Coleman Milne, Duffy and Prestige Conversions. Prestige Conversions are a company in England which specialise in bespoke Rolls Royce hearses and they had a successful show raising their profile in Ireland. Its always great to see new faces in the industry and hopefully they continue to grow with their positive feedback.

Fearghas Quinn stand at The Funeral Times Trade Show 2017

CPL Funeral Supplies showcased their growing selection of funeral supplies and stainless steel products. CPL had on display the Rise and fall lectern which was released at the NFE in June, and was showcased to Ireland for the first time on Tuesday.

CPL display the “Rise and fall lecturn”

There was an abundance of guest speakers at seminars presented on topics such as

embalming practices – civic ceremoniesinfectious diseaseoccupational health and a hugely interesting seminar on the history of technology in the funeral industry. The funeral directors who attended were unanimous in their praise of very informative talks and all seemed eager to speak about the knowledge they gained.

It definitely seemed that a great time was had by all, and this was magnified by the facilities. Citywest Hotel had some great food (and drink!) and everyone who stayed agreed that they further cemented their place as a premier venue for events and conferences in Ireland. Discounted rounds of golf were available for guests and the staff were very professional in making everyone feel as welcome as possible.

A big thanks to Ruth, Vikki, Paula, Graeme, Richard and everyone at Funeral Times for organising and presenting another fantastic exhibition, and here’s to many more in the coming years. Click here for The Funeral Times Trade Show Ireland.

Funeral Times Trade Show – 2017

Funeral Times Trade Show

On 3rd October 2017 the third biennial Funeral Times Trade Show will take place at Citywest Hotel and Conference Centre, County Dublin. This year promises to be an even bigger success than 2015 and 2013 with exhibitors ranging from

– coffin builders
– repatriation services
– lifting equipment
– wreaths
– hearses and limousines

Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines will be exhibiting vehicles hand-built in our County Antrim premises and you will have a chance to grill us on our design and coachbuilding process, as well as looking at some photos and videos from inside the factory.

A focus on design
We always intend to base our 3 and 5 door hearses around the design of the base vehicle. Whether it is a Mercedes, Opel or Ford, you can be rest assured that the aerodynamics and body shapes which make these cars look so great, are reflected and amplified in our hearses. Each vehicle has their unique flavour and signature, and you can see for yourself how they “flow” from front to back.


Built for Funeral Directors
Here in Portglenone we take a practical approach to building a hearse made specifically for the funeral industry’s needs. We strive to innovate and improve in ways which benefit the funeral director. Our vehicles are simple, practical and stylish. A mix of contemporary design and tradition means that you are getting the very best value for your money with Fearghas Quinn.


20 years of progress
From Granada, to Scorpio to Mondeo. Omega, to Vectra to Insignia. 124, 210, 211, 212 and beyond, we have always followed car manufacturers in the pursuit of better. Better storage options. Better lighting. Better finish, inside and out. Each vehicle we build, we aim for it to be the best we’ve ever done. With constant tweaking and progressing there is always a sense of evolution rather than revolution. “We can do that better” is a common saying here in our Co. Antrim base and we always strive to live up to that, for the benefit of the undertaker.


And on 03rd October 2017, we will all get to see this year’s result from the endless pursuit of more. A vehicle we have kept under wraps for some time will be unveiled at the Funeral Times Trade Show. A culmination of our efforts in design, practicality and coachbuilding experience.

Join us there and see for yourself. It’s always so much better than the pictures.

National Funeral Exhibition 2017

Fearghas Quinn Hearse and Limousines visited Stoneleigh Park, Birmingham to see the National Funeral Exhibition 2017, the biggest funeral trade show in the UK. People came from throughout the UK and Ireland to see exhibits from a plethora of businesses within the industry, and coupled with some unique entertainment, it made for an incredibly interesting show.

FSJ – Funeral Service Journal


On one side there were a number of quality hearses and limousines on display with vehicles from Wilcox, Duffy, Coleman Milne and Superior UK, as well as an interesting new concept from Brahms Electric Vehicles.


Brahms Electric Vehicles


From a coffin perspective, there were some fantastic examples of workmanship with Somerset Willow providing an eco-friendly option, and Batesville offering a unique polished bronze casket, similar to that used to bury Michael Jackson.



The Dodge Company showed us some great work on facial reconstruction, demonstrating a number of products and the high level of artistic skill of their staff. Odlings Memorials demonstrated their skill as well as some stunning examples of memorials and monuments.


Dodge Company UK


Odlings Memorials


The Plume UK also gave a unique solution for funeral directors wanting to distinguish vehicles in the procession.


Odlings Memorials


The day was broken up at various intervals with some talented musical interludes as well as great food on display.
Some other notable exhibits included the largest coffin in the world, which was set up as a bar on stand, and a Reliant Robin hearse, both of which got plenty of attention.

All in all, it was a great day out at the National Funeral Exhibition Birmingham, and all the exhibitors seemed to be very busy from start to finish, ensuring a productive day for everyone.